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Zoë Kravitz is “grateful” 'Pussy Island' brought Channing Tatum into her life

CAMPBELL ADDY for WSJ. Magazine.

Zoë Kravitz knew that she wanted her now-boyfriend Channing Tatum to star as the mysterious dark character Slater King in her directorial debut, Pussy Island, even though she had never met him.

“I felt, even from afar, before I knew him, that he was a feminist and that he wasn’t afraid of exploring that darkness, because he knows he’s not that,” Kravitz told WSJ Magazine. “That’s why I was drawn to him and why I wanted to meet with him.”

Kravitz found it exciting to cast somebody who usually plays the nice guy in the villain role. “I wanted to find somebody who hadn’t played a dark character before, because I think it’s exciting to watch someone who’s mostly played boy next door, good guy, love interest, all of that,” she said.

Tatum, whose company Free Association is co-producing the project, appreciated that Kravitz cast against type and went for him. “I didn’t know Zoë before I met her for the film,” he said. “It’s always really intriguing to have someone bring you something that literally no one else has ever thought of you for.”

The pair developed a working relationship because of the film, but they just so happened to develop a romantic one, as well.

“When you make things with people it’s a very sacred space, and when you’re compatible with somebody creatively it often opens up other channels, because you’re kind of sharing all of yourself,” Kravitz said. “I’m really grateful that this movie brought him into my life that way.”

Pussy Island is expected to release in 2023.

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Robert De Niro to play dual roles in new mobster flick 'Wise Guys'

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

Robert De Niro will be starring opposite ... Robert De Niro in a new gangster film called Wise GuysVariety reports.

The film centers on two real-life Italian-American mobsters – Vito Genovese and Frank Costello – who ran rivaling crime families in the middle of the 20th century. In 1957, Genovese planned an attempted assassination on Costello, but failed. De Niro is reportedly set to play both main characters.

The drama will be directed by veteran filmmaker Barry Levinson and written by Goodfellas co-writer Nicholas Pileggi, both of whom De Niro has worked with before.

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First trailer debuts for Oprah Winfrey-produced Sidney Poitier doc

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has debuted the first trailer for Sidney, a documentary on the late legendary actor Sidney Poitier.

The documentary, produced by Oprah Winfrey, explores Poitier’s journey from his early life in the Bahamas to becoming a successful Hollywood actor and civil rights activist. It features interviews with Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Robert Redford, Lenny Kravitz, Barbra Streisand, Spike Lee and more – as well as Poitier himself, filmed before his passing in January 2022 at age 94.

Poitier became the first Black man to win an Academy Award for best actor in 1964 for his role in Lilies of the Field. He also starred in films including To Sir, with Love; Guess Who's Coming to Dinner; and In the Heat of the Night.

Sidney will premiere in select theaters and globally on Apple TV+ on September 23.


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'Mack & Rita' cast on the nuances of social media

Courtesy of Gravitas Premiere

A 30-year-old woman who feels like she’s in the body of a 70-year old -- and then magically, she is! That’s the premise of the new body-switching comedy Mack & Rita, in theaters now, starring Diane Keaton, Elizabeth Lail and Taylour Paige.

Lail plays the younger woman, Mack, who works in social media, though she tells ABC Audio she has a love-hate relationship with the digital world, admitting that she deletes it off of her phone "pretty constantly."

"There's like the artist inside that doesn't want to participate in that way, that doesn't want to be a part of commercialism specifically," she explains. "But you do want to make movies and you want to be seen and you want to be a part of big things."

Likewise, Paige, who plays Mack’s best friend -- the two of them young women caught up in chasing clout on social media for work and for fun -- has been rethinking her online presence.

"Sadly...we all live and breathe like this thing called capitalism and brands and studios...So yeah, it's fine to be like, look at this guy that I'm looking at. But like at the end of the day, they're like, 'But, can we sell our face wash or would she wear the bag?'"

Director Katie Aselton agrees, adding, "No one's posting pictures for their friends and to share where they're at, what they're doing...it's really, I think, turning into more of like a promotional tool."

She adds, "The world sort of tries to shoehorn us into a mold that isn't necessarily meant for us. And it is our job and our journey and our struggle to sort of break out of that and really find who we are and let that person shine."

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Bob Odenkirk posts message to fans after 'Better Call Saul' finale

Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Better Call Saul bid an emotional farewell after six seasons Monday night and star Bob Odenkirk had a message for fans.

“Everybody’s been asking me how I feel about saying goodbye to Saul Goodman and Better Call Saul, and I’m not good at answering the question because it’s frankly hard for me to look at that experience, and even at that character, too closely,” Odenkirk began in a video clip posted to his social media.

He went on to thank the show’s creators, cast and crew before thanking the fans for embracing the Breaking Bad spin-off.

“Thanks for giving us a chance, because we came out of maybe a lot of people’s favorite show ever — and we could have been hated for simply trying to do a show,” he said.

“But we weren’t; we were given a chance, and hopefully we made the most of it,” he continued. “Thank you for staying with us. Better Call Saul: a closely observed, idiosyncratic story about a very unique guy, a little slow at times, but in the end, if you paid attention, it was about big, big things inside people. Thank you.”

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Florence Pugh reveals she split with Zach Braff

John Edmonds

Florence Pugh has revealed she quietly ended her relationship with Zach Braff earlier this year.

In Harper’s BAZAAR’s September ICONS issue, the actress confirmed the two had called it quits after three years together. Their relationship had faced scrutiny and criticism online over their age difference – Pugh is 26 and Braff is 47.

“We’ve been trying to do this separation without the world knowing, because it’s been a relationship that everybody has an opinion on,” Pugh told the mag. “We just felt something like this would really do us the benefit of not having millions of people telling us how happy they are that we’re not together. So we’ve done that.”

Before they parted ways, the two completed a movie together that’s due out next year. Braff wrote A Good Person with Pugh in mind for the starring role.

“The movie that we made together genuinely was probably one of my most favorite experiences,” Pugh said. “It felt like a very natural and easy thing to do.”

Next up for Pugh is the movie Don’t Worry Darling, in which she stars opposite Harry Styles. It comes out September 23.

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In brief: Kenya Barris tackling 'The Wizard of Oz,' VH1 announces more 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' and more

Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is heading to Emerald City. According to Variety, Barris has been tapped by Warner Bros. to write and direct a reimagining of The Wizard of Oz. This version is not to be confused with another Wizard of Oz retelling that’s in the works from New Line. No other details have been released thus far. Before he puts his stamp on this classic, Barris is completing work on his feature film directorial debut, You People, for Netflix. He’s also writing a remake of 1992’s White Men Can’t Jump, with Jack Harlow starring in the Woody Harrelson role...

Ready to unlock Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities? The eight-episode series will debut on Netflix Tuesday, October 25, with two episodes airing daily until the collection is complete on Friday, October 28. Del Toro released a first look at the creepy series on Monday, which revealed each episode's title...

VH1 announced on Monday that it has renewed RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked. “When I hear season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I have to pinch myself -- I just won’t tell you where,” said six-time Emmy Award-winning host and executive producer RuPaul in a statement. “We never take for granted the opportunity we’ve been given to showcase drag excellence and tell authentic queer stories.” Drag Race will return for its 15th season with a new group of queens and Drag Race Untucked will have more backstage drama from Drag Race...

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures on Monday announced the 10th installment of the Saw franchise is slated for Oct. 27, 2023. This will be the tenth movie in the highly successful film series, according to Variety. The film will be directed by Kevin Greutert, who helmed 2009's Saw VI and 2010's Saw: The Final Chapter. While the plot of the movie hasn't been revealed, the studio promises the film will capture fans’ “hearts -- and other body parts -- with all-new twisted, ingenious traps and a new mystery to solve,” according to Variety...

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Ezra Miller reportedly seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues”

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Ezra Miller is reportedly seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues” after exhibiting alarming behavior that’s led to a recent series of arrests and accusations.

In a statement provided to Variety through their rep, the actor acknowledged what they’ve been going through and apologized.

“Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment,” Miller says. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

Earlier this month, Miller was charged with felony burglary in Vermont after allegedly breaking into a home in May and stealing bottles of alcohol. It was just the latest controversy for the star of the forthcoming The Flash, who was also arrested twice earlier this year after altercations at establishments in Hawaii.

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'The Bachelorette' recap: A shocking and emotional departure rocks Gabby ahead of hometown visits

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Gabby and Rachel’s journeys to find love continued amid the charming canals and tulip fields of Amsterdam on Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, but with hometown visits right around the corner, Gabby faced her toughest breakup yet.

Ahead of her one-on-one date with Nate, who has a daughter, Gabby came to the conclusion that the complicated relationship she had with her estranged mother made it impossible for Gabby to take on the responsibility of being a mother herself. That left her with no other choice but to send Nate home, leading to one of the most emotional breakups of the season.

“I take the potential of being a mom so seriously because of my past and at...times childhood was hard and parenting didn't look like it does in other people and I'm terrified of maybe putting someone else in my position or maybe making the wrong decision," the former Denver Broncos cheerleader shared in a confessional. "I have to weigh these options seriously,”

The news left Nate, who had a previous one-on-one with Gabby and seemed to be a frontrunner in the competition, with "a bit of heartbreak" and "confusion."

"She's going to be a hard connection that I don't think I'll be able to replicate," he added, addressing the camera before boarding the car that would take him home.

Later, on a group date in Amsterdam's Red Light District, Gabby's men displayed their kinky side, while Rachel's group proved their love with a cheese weightlifting competition. Rachel's rose went to Tyler, while Gabby's afterparty was canceled after Logan tested positive for COVID-19, eliminating him from the rest of the competition as well.

Earlier, a one-on-one date between Rachel and Tino ended with him getting a rose.

Monday's rose ceremony saw Ethan and Spencer eliminated from Rachel and Gabby's respective groups.

Here are the men whose families Gabby and Rachel will meet:

Aven, 28, a sales executive from San Diego, California
Tino, 28, a general contractor from Playa Del Rey, California
Tyler, 25, a small business owner from Wildwood, New Jersey
Zach, 25, a tech executive from Anaheim Hills, California

Erich, 29, a real estate analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey
Jason, 30, an investment banker from Santa Monica, California
Johnny, 25, a realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Nate, 33, an electrical engineer from Chicago, Illinois

The Bachelorette returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Report: JLo and Ben Affleck to hold huge wedding celebration this weekend

Pierre Suu/GC Images

After quietly tying the knot in Las Vegas a month ago, newlywed Jennifer Lopez and her groom, Ben Affleck, are going to throw a rager of a wedding celebration this weekend, Page Six reports.

According to the paper, the three-day intimate celebration at Affleck's estate in Georgia for family and friends will start on Friday with a rehearsal dinner, followed by a formal ceremony on Saturday, and a barbecue and picnic on Sunday.  JLo will wear a custom couture Ralph Lauren gown made in Italy, Pages Six dishes, and notes that Vogue will be on hand to document her fashion journey.

"It’s going to be all about JLo. Ben wants all of the focus to be on her for their big day,” an insider tells Page Six.

Page Six also reports that among the stars expected at the event are Matt Damon, Ben's brother Casey Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel and Drea de Matteo.

Last month, JLo and Ben -- who were first engaged in 2002 but called off the wedding -- ran off to Las Vegas and got hitched at the Little White Wedding chapel.

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Viola Davis joins cast of 'The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes'


Viola Davis has landed a role in The Hunger Games prequel.

The Oscar-winning actress will be playing the “diabolical” Head Gamemaker Volumnia Gaul in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, based on the best-selling novel by Suzanne Collins.

“From the beginning, Viola has been our dream for Dr. Gaul because of the finely layered intelligence and emotion she brings to every role,” producer Nina Jacobson says in a statement. “A brilliant and eccentric strategist, Gaul is instrumental in shaping a young Coriolanus Snow into the man he will become. We are incredibly fortunate to have an actor with Viola’s extraordinary range and presence to play this pivotal role.”

Director Francis Lawrence adds, “Dr. Gaul is as cruel as she is creative and as fearsome as she is formidable. Snow’s savvy as a political operator develops in no small part due to his experiences with her as the games’ most commanding figure.”

The film stars Tom Blyth as an 18-year-old Cornelius Snow, years before he becomes the evil president of Panem – a role played by Donald Sutherland in the original Hunger Games films. Rachel Zegler plays tribute Lucy Gray Baird, whom Snow is tasked with mentoring.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes debuts in theaters worldwide on November 17, 2023.

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Amber Heard switches up legal team for appeal of Johnny Depp trial verdict


Amber Heard is switching up her legal team for her appeal of the June 1 verdict in the high-profile defamation case between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The Aquaman actress has hired attorneys David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown, of Ballard Spahr, as her appellate counsel, according to a press release.

"We welcome the opportunity to represent Ms. Heard in this appeal as it is a case with important First Amendment implications for every American," Axelrod and Brown said in a joint statement. "We're confident the appellate court will apply the law properly without deference to popularity, reverse the judgment against Ms. Heard, and reaffirm the fundamental principals of Freedom of Speech."

Ben Rottenborn, of Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black, is staying on as co-counsel while Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, of Charlson Bredehoft Cohen Brown & Nadelhaft, is stepping down. Rottenborn and Bredehoft represented Heard during the initial defamation trial.

"This is the perfect time to pass the baton," Bredehoft said in a statement. "I have pledged to Amber and her appellate team my complete cooperation and assistance as they move forward on a path towards success."

A spokesperson for Heard said in a statement, "When it comes to protecting the fundamental right of Freedom of Speech, we look at the jury's decision -- to paraphrase a famous quote -- not 'as the beginning of the end, but merely the end of the beginning.'" They added that "a different court warrants different representation."

The jury largely sided with Depp in its June 1 verdict, ordering Heard to pay Depp more than $10 million in damages. Depp was ordered to pay his ex-wife $2 million in damages.

Heard filed a notice of appeal on July 21, with Depp filing a notice of appeal the following day.

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'John Wick' prequel series coming to Peacock in 2023


The John Wick prequel series is coming to Peacock, thanks to a new multiyear deal with Lionsgate.

The Continental, a three-part series based on the popular Keanu Reeves action franchise, will premiere on the streaming service in 2023.

The show follows the origin story of the Continental Hotel, a refuge for assassins in the John Wick universe. It stars Colin Woodell as hotel manager Winston Scott, the younger version of Ian McShane’s character in the films.

The cast also includes Ayomide Adegun as a younger version of Charon, Lance Reddick’s character in the films, as well as Peter Greene, Mel Gibson, Ben Robson, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Jessica Allain, Mishel Prada and Nhung Kate.

There’s also a fourth John Wick movie in the works, set for theatrical release in March 2023.

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Johnny Depp to direct first movie in 25 years

Samir Hussein/WireImage

Johnny Depp is set to direct his first movie in 25 years, Variety reports.

The actor is reportedly set to helm Modigliani, a film about Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Al Pacino is on board to produce.

“The saga of Mr. Modigliani’s life is one that I’m incredibly honored, and truly humbled, to bring to the screen,” Depp said in a statement obtained by the trade. “It was a life of great hardship, but eventual triumph – a universally human story all viewers can identify with.”

Depp last stepped behind the camera for 1997’s The Brave, his directorial debut which co-starred Marlon Brando.

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"There's no fiction" in Hulu's 'Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers,' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says

Courtesy of Hulu

Want to know the real story of how the Lakers became the Showtime Lakers? Then the new docuseries Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers is for you.

The Hulu series, debuting Monday, details how Dr. Jerry Buss bought the team in the late '70s and created one of the greatest dynasties in sports. NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is featured in the show, and he tells ABC Audio the secret to their success was that they "kept trying to build a family situation."

"We never got to a point where it was develop an individual," he explains. "It was always about all of us. And we tried to help each other."

Abdul-Jabbar adds that this docuseries is kind of an antidote to the recent HBO series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, which has been criticized by many former players for alleged inaccuracies.

"It's a chance for us to tell our stories...There's no fiction in this," Abdul-Jabbar says.

Legacy also gets into the power struggle among Buss’s children that came after he died, which his daughter, and current Lakers president, Jeanie Buss, says was "very healing" for their family. 

Additionally, the series shows how the Lakers family, fans included, bonded after several tragedies like "Magic [Johnson] having to retire because of HIV" and "the tragedy of losing Kobe and Gigi [Bryant]."

"What's happened is Laker Nation comes together and leans on each other," Buss shares. "And we know there's going to be another day...where we play basketball again. And that's how we start to heal because we grieve together."

Overall, though, director Antoine Fuqua hopes people are left inspired.

"It's the American dream. I think what Dr. Buss did is incredible...coming from very humble means and making his way out here...and what he brought to not only Los Angeles, to sports entertainment. Just it's inspiring." 

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